Monday, 10 June 2013

Five (5) Never-Do Things On A Date

Here are a few things you should never do on your date: 
Please do kindly read and observe, this has been affecting so many would-be ever recorded relationships. You might be so thankful later.
1. Don’t overdress: 
“Dress to impress” should be your motto. Your date should not get the impression that you did not take the effort to dress up for the date. Choose comfortable, sexy clothes. Keep the skin show to a bare minimum; don’t forget to keep it classy! For the guys, you can’t wear a suit to a date but a nice pair of jeans and shirt would be appreciated. Also, we know men sweat a lot; we understand but do the ladies a favor and do not bathe in your perfume.

2. Stay off your phone:
You both are sitting at a table and she is blushing while you woo her. Suddenly, you receive a call, a text message or some insane facebook update and you answer the phone making her feel alienated.  Now, no one is telling you to keep your phone at home. But even if you have to answer a call make
sure that your calls are short. Tell the person calling you that you are with someone special and you will have to call them later. This will make your date feel special too.

3. Never ever talk about your ex:

You may try to convince your date that your last break up was not your fault thinking he/she may empathize with you. But, your date may be bored and they may think that you are not ready to start a new relationship. Speaking positively or negatively about your douche bag ex is a big no-no! Leave the ex-boyfriend talks for your Saturday night out with your girlfriends/buddies.

4. Do not lie:
Honesty is key. Do not start a relationship on the foundation of a lie. We agree first dates are awkward and with all the get-to-know-you questions, you may be tempted to lie. A survey claims that women generally lie about their weight, height and age whereas men lie about their job, income and physique. Thanks to online dating and social networking sites, lying has become easier. Let your date see the real you. Why do you want your date to fall in love with your fake version?

5. Lay off the booze:
The drinks may be on the house but that doesn’t mean you get sloshed! The most likely scenario is that you will end up making a fool of yourself. Limit yourself to two glasses and it will help take the edge of the nervousness. Prefer lighter drinks like beer and wine.

Also, just an FYI, do not sleep with the girl/boy on the first date if you are looking for a serious relationship or if you genuinely like them. Sex may be fun but it will make things awkward and will make the relationship seem frivilous.

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