Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Seven (7) Lies She Will Tell You in Relationship

Here are some of the common lies women tell: 

1. I am fine:
So you ask her what’s wrong? And she replies “Nothing is wrong, I am fine!” SHE’S LYING! When she says she’s fine, she is NOT! The words ‘I am fine’ should be your cue to take things seriously and think of all the mistakes you have committed in the past decade. Do not shrug it off thinking she will be fine because she said so. Give it a few hours and she will start blaming you that you don’t care for her or her emotions.

2. I like your friends:
In the initial dating phase, women will pretend to like your friends because they do not want to hurt your feelings. Always remember; Friends equal date spoilers. Women hate it when your friends just
land up at your dinner or movie date! Your friends won’t feel awkward but she certainly will! She may start using the “I am fine” lie. So beware and keep your friends out of bounds when you are out on a date.

3. I love football/cricket:
Women pretend to like sports because they know men have always fantasized about a girl who understands and enjoys cricket or football. That doesn’t mean women don’t enjoy sports but it’s easy to weed out the fibbers. So, if women lie about liking a sport, they are just trying to impress you. Be flattered but don’t probe too much and embarrass them. Women will sacrifice that favorite chick flick and torture themselves to spend time with you at your favorite sports bar.

4. That was the best sex ever:
Most women are known to fake orgams. Women lie to build a man’s confidence so that he doesn’t feel embarrassed in bed. “That was the best sex ever” and “I love when you do that, let’s keep doing it” are some of the frequently used sex lies.

5. I’ll get ready in 5 minutes: 
So you are waiting for her in the car and constantly looking at the watch. She said she will be ready in 5 minutes and its past an hour. We are here to decode what women do when they say they will be ready in 5! A mirror is a women’s best friend. Since, it’s a date, women want to look their best and a mirror will guide them to find that little smudged make up. If that wasn’t enough, women will call their BFF and discuss you! Yes, you! She doesn’t want to mess up the date, so she will ask her BFF some tips and tricks to keep you entertained.  Sometimes, women will just make you wait to see if you are patient enough. Yes, women are strange and lovely creatures!

6. It’s not that expensive, it was on SALE:
That four letter word means the world to your girl. No, not love! Something far better than love is a - SALE! All women tend to blow up their limited budget for that secret ‘luxury’ they want to enjoy. And, just when you are about to question her regarding those heaps of shopping bags, she’s already ready with her answer “It was on SALE!” A quick tip: Keep her close, keep your credit card closer.

7. I love that gift:
So, this Valentine’s Day you wanted to do something really special and you went and bought her a ring. She opened the box and she went blank for a minute. What followed next was a patronizing smile and an over enthusiastic “I love the gift! That night would be the only night she will wear the ring because she doesn’t want to hurt your feelings. The next time you meet her and ask her about the ring, she replies “It’s too expensive/special, I am saving it for a special occasion.” The next time you buy her ANYTHING, please take her along with you or better still, take her best friend.

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