Monday, 3 June 2013

5 Signs You Are Dating A High Maintenance Girl

A high maintenance girl is needy, she requires attention and she loves spending money! But, don’t confuse her for being a gold digger.

You may never realize that she’s high maintenance until you look out for the signs! Here are the signs to spot a high maintenance girl:

1. She loves splurging on luxuries:
Her daddy always treated her like a princess and bought her everything she pointed her dainty over privileged finger at. She is fixated with diamonds, Louis Vuitton bags, Cavalli dresses and Christian Louboutins. High maintenance girls love their shiny indulgences. They will splurge on apparel and accessories without any regard for their depleting bank balance or yours.

2. She is self-obsessed:
She thinks she is the best or at least wants everyone else to think so! She is insecure and she feels the need to raise her standards in order to look better than others. Therefore, she is preoccupied with
thoughts that only involve her. We all know that a mirror is a girl’s best friend but in her case it is her constant watchful companion. She will judge people based on their outer appearance and she tends to use her looks to manipulate people.

3. She is a perfectionist and ensures someone pays for it:
She will visit a fine dining restaurant and eat an eight course meal which includes a customised salad. She is obsessed about the quality of the red wine or that vodka martini with a little umbrella. Notice little signs where she drops names of alcohol and their age that makes you cringe. You need to take her to posh uptown restaurants regularly and she won’t set foot in anything below a three star.

4. She spends a criminal amount of time in order to look perfect:
One of the benefits of dating a high maintenance girl is that she will ensure that she is pretty as a picture! You will never notice a makeup smudge or a fashion faux pas. She will take hours to look perfect like a model out of a fashion magazine. She thinks of herself as a style icon and god forbid if she ever repeats an outfit. Check her wardrobe for unused clothes and you will instantly gauge her high maintenance quotient.

5. She constantly requires attention:
A high maintenance girl is needy and an attention seeker! If you ever glance at any other girl, she will tear you apart! A high maintenance girl transforms herself almost instantly into a drama queen when you do not give her the required attention. So be ready for frequent mood swings and some over the top drama.  Take a leaf from Rihanna’s song and make her feel like she is the only girl in the world!



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