Thursday, 13 June 2013

Do's And Don't's Of Online Dating

Love they will all say its a click away

But, online dating is a tough game, so here is our list of do’s and don’ts to help you meet your Mr. or Ms. Right:


1. Be Precise
Fill your profile details accurately. We don’t want the “Age is just a number and I am young at heart” crap. It may be tempting to knock off a few years from your age or exaggerate your hobbies and interests but you are more likely to achieve online dating success if you are honest about yourself. Let people know you for who you are. Be honest about your age, weight, interests and hobbies and you may find someone as unique as you.

2. Make your English teacher proud:
If yu wnt some1 wid whum yu cn spnd d rst of ur lyf, itz bttr nt 2 write lyk dis. If you speak the ‘chat language’, your date may get an impression that you are too lazy to use vowels in your sentences. Check and then double check your grammar, punctuation and spellings. The kind of person who will
get attracted to the ‘chat language’ may just be too inadequate.

3. Use a recent photograph for your display picture:

Be sure that the picture you chose to upload is of the real you and fairly recent. Just imagine if you were expecting Cameron Diaz and ended up with David Cameron? So, do yourself a favor and update those pictures! And no, we are not asking for pictures you clicked in your bathroom! Post a recent picture of your boy’s night out or a girl’s night out and let the opposite sex know of your ‘fun’ side.

4. Do your research:
A study revealed that one in five of those who used internet dating went onto marry the person they met on the web. Therefore, measure the pros and cons of the website you are using. There are many fraud sites which will ask you to pay money to meet someone over the internet, so be careful! Also, before adding someone on the web, analyze their profile and find out if your likes and dislikes match.


1. Don’t call yourself sexyboy007 or sexygirl4u:
Your username will be the first thing a potential match will see. When someone looks at your username, they will paint a picture, vague as it may be, as to who you are. We certainly don’t want you to combine adjectives in your username unless you are looking for a casual fling. A nice friendly name can work wonders!

2. Don’t carry your relationship baggage: 
Online dating is not a medium to get over your breakup. Comparing your date to your ex is a big no-no! Your online partner will not help to carry your emotional baggage, therefore, let go of your past and stay in the present. If you start a new relationship and you are still not over your ex it will just add more fuel to the flame.

3. Don’t rush:
Don’t call or message him/her too often if you have their number! It may give an impression that you are desperate. If he/she doesn’t reply to your message, do not write a follow up email asking why he/she didn’t reply? Do not initiate the conversation. Play it cool and let them contact you first!

4. Don’t be a creep:
If you think you found your Mr. or Ms. Right, do not stalk the person! Do not pretend you have never stalked a person because we all have done it but try to keep it on a down low! Twitter and Facebook has made it really easy for people to turn into stalkers. Just imagine that you tweeted the place you are going to visit and your online date turns up at that place? Creepy!

always log on, your Hitch might be the next

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