Wednesday, 20 November 2013

7 Lies Made By Guys In Relationships

No matter how committed a guy is in a relationship, he will always be more commited to the lies that nature and a series of guy films have programmed in to him.

Men lie, women lie too but the difference is that women lie because they are trying to hide something and men lie because they want to avoid a situation altogether.  Here are 7 lies a guy will always tell his girlfriend:

1. I wasn’t checking her outIf you find your guy checking a random woman out at the mall then yes, he probably was. Guys look at other women all the time, the same way girls check other men out. It doesn’t matter if you were going to react or not, men automatically jump to this lie when quizzed about their roving eye.

2. We will talk about this laterThis is the most popular lie men resort to. No, he doesn’t have any intention of sorting it out, what he really means is that he really doesn't want to have this conversation with you anymore, ever! And he's hoping you too will eventually forget about it and never bring it up again.

3. You’re the only woman I think ofSorry ladies, no matter how romantic this sounds, it isn’t one bit true!  He probably thinks of Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lawrence, his hot neighbour, his hot neighbour’s sister and you but he isn’t going to tell that now, is he

4. That outfit looks just right on you:Honestly, he doesn't care what you're wearing. He just wants to get the ordeal over with. The same goes with “No, you aren’t fat”. Stop looking for validation because he isn’t about to brave your wrath and tell you that your outfit looks like something the cat dragged in.

5. I think you’re the only cute/hot/beautiful girl amongst your friendsUnless you have made the conscious decision of hanging out with butt ugly people, it is entirely impossible that you are the only cute person in your social circle. He’s lying but it’s flattering, so we’re willing to let this one pass.

6. Our sex life is privateMen discuss their sex lives, they and a whole host of moronic guy films might tell you otherwise but they discuss sex. They might not get in to the details but they do love to brag.

7. No, I don’t watch pornGuess who’s keeping him company while you’re busy vacationing! Every guy watches porn once in a while. As long as you aren’t the one being substituted, we think it’s a lie you can live with.


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