Monday, 24 June 2013

Ten (10) Ways Of A Bad Kisser

A bad kiss is a deal breaker for any relationship.
But what if you start dating someone who is a terrible kisser? We list down the top 10 signs that will help you identify whether your date is a bad kisser:

1. Teeth Attack:
When you part your lips to kiss, your lips seem to naturally cover your teeth. But, your date accidentally bumps into your teeth which spoils your kiss. Be careful, or he may chip your tooth. A quick trick is to look at which side your date leans so that you don’t bump heads as well. A person who ignores all the above rules and comes at you like a bull in a china shop is sure to be a bad kisser.

2. Aggressive Rambo: 
Some girls like it when you gently bite their lip but if you bite too hard and too often, there are chances she may never go out with you. She may also tell her friends and the word will get around. So hold your horses!

3. Monotonous Mate:
If your date is boring and can’t stop talking about his work, her last shopping fiesta or the horrible
salad in the cafeteria, chances are he or she will be a dismal kisser. So keep those puckered lips for someone more exciting

4. The Quick Gun Murugan:
His tongue is like a lightning bolt that keeps going in and out at a fast pace when he’s talking to you? In all probability he is going to kiss you the exact same way. So unless that’s what you’re into, keep away!

5. The Drool Dog:
Do you feel smothered when he’s around you? Do you feel the need to wipe your face time and again because he is all over your face? This type of person is the worst sort of kisser. Beware of the drool dog!

6. Creepy eyes:
Some people enjoy looking into their partner’s eyes but if your date reminds you of Chucky, he will and we assure you, he will look in to your eyes the same way when you kiss. So unless you have a thing for creepy eyes, keep Chucky in your drawer. Lock it and throw away the key.

7. The Onion Breath:
Bad Breath is the ultimate turn off. Trust us when we say that there is nothing more disgusting than someone with bad oral hygiene. Women will not forgive you if you are a repeat offender of bad breath. Also, never squirt a mint spray in front of women. Excuse yourself and chew on a mint. Bad breath equals terrible kisses.

8. Chapped lips:
Dryness causes lips to crack or get chapped. No one likes to kiss rough lips. Please use a colorless, stick lip balm for your future kisses.

9. Mr. Propeller kisses:
His tongue goes in quick and rotates inside your mouth like a propeller. You feel like there is a trapped fish in your mouth ready to escape. Please remember that this is not a tongue war! If you have met Mr. Propeller Kisses please inform your near and dear ones.

10. Operation Deep Throat:
If your partner believes that kisses should be long, passionate and DEEP, he will take the plunge literally almost leading to a tonsillectomy. Rubbish his belief and tutor him. If you are faint hearted, avoid.


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