Thursday, 6 June 2013

Rihanna At The Strip Club

Rihanna and Chris Brown are officially over - Breezy's apparently moved on with ex-flame Karrueche Tran, and RiRi's celebrating the single life with some sexy Miami strippers! The "Diamonds" songstress was spotted throwing down mad dollar bills (again) at a popular strip club in
Florida's steamy party city... and has the naughty pics to prove it! Rumors suggest that Rihanna's "totally over" the relationship drama with Brown, and she's finally ready to move on... by lavishing sexy female dancers with a whopping $25,000, of course!
inside source "comfirms" with gossip guru Perez Hilton that RiRi's DONE - apparently there'll be no "getting back together" this time!

"[Rihanna] is tired of the games he's playing and she's getting too old to let a [man mess] with her mind - she doesn't have time for that! She's done [messing] with him on that type of level but as far as feelings for him, she will always love him. That's been her [man] for days, so the love is always going to be there."

The insider continues...
"She's tired of this back and forth sh#t [with Chris]. [Rihanna] wants someone that's going to be down for her and respect her. She just need to be about her tour and not worry about that fool. She'll be all right. She's the most eligible bi#ch in town."
So apparently he's all yours, Karrueche Tran! And how's the best way for a gal to celebrate the single life?

source: mstar news

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