Monday, 24 June 2013

Nikolas "Nik" Wallenda Made History Again

Nik Wallenda successfully walked the 1,500 feet across the Colorado River Gorge in Arizona on Sunday. The high-wire daredevil, famous for similar walks like the one he did at Niagara Falls, made the precarious trek live on television and without a net or safety line.

The walk took Wallenda 22 minutes of edging his way along the 2-inch-thick cable.

The Florida-based adventurer, who traveled to the Grand Canyon on Thursday for final preparations for Sunday's walk, said his Christian faith is important.
"What I get from my Christian faith is that I know where I'm going to go when I die. And that affects my business, because what I do is risky, and if I die, I have peace," he said.
"I'm not scared of dying."

But now History is made again.

Wierd you think?

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