Friday, 7 June 2013

Five (5) Men You Should Never Date

You meet a charming man, he impresses you with his suave manner and you end up thinking he is the ‘one.’ 
But, wait there has to be a catch! After a few dates, he will reveal his true self and will end up breaking your heart! Here are the top 5 losers you should never ever date:

1. The Player:
The player is a ladies’ man. He is charming, well mannered, good looking, witty and successful but will never stick around till the end of the night. He will manipulate your emotions with endless compliments. The Player often boasts of his expensive house, extravagant gifts, fast cars and lavish parties but doesn’t display a shred of genuine emotion. The sex is great, but don’t be surprised if you do not see him in the morning.

2. The Narcissist:
He will manipulate your emotions by victimizing himself because he truly believes that there exists no world beyond his drama. Be prepared for some over the top drama and petty fights. Always
remember, The Narcissist may be wrong but he will never apologize! When in a relationship with a narcissist, he will control your life and will separate you from your friends and family. So keep away!

3. The Mama’s Boy:
The Mama’s boy is a sweet, kind and gentle Man-Child. He is immature and irresponsible. His mother influences his life, goals and relationships. He has no stable income and he lives rent free with his mother. His beloved mother thinks that no girl is good enough for him. He will constantly compare you to his mother by saying disturbing statements like “My mother cooks like this, you should too.” In spite of trying to live up to his expectations, you will always fall short. He frequently calls and texts his mother to inform her about his daily routine. RUN before he brings his mother to the dinner date.

4. The Rebounder:
The Rebounder has recently broken up with his long time serious girlfriend. He will constantly talk about his ex saying “She dressed up like that” or “We had our first kiss at this restaurant.” Check his cell phone for pictures of his ex or her messages. Also, does he try to spot his ex in every tall girl with short black hair? Emotional baggage never helped any relationship! It is going to take some serious investigation and patience to determine if you are dating a Rebounder.

5. The Smart Ass:
A man with a hot body and intelligence to boot is a huge turn on. But, when a man reeks of sarcasm with every word he utters, you should avoid dating him. He will constantly expose your short comings and embarrass you for your trivial mistakes. He is not only rude to you but also to his friends and family. The Smart Ass has been trained to expose your flaws so he can feel better about himself. Break up before he demoralizes you and damages your self respect.

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