Monday, 24 June 2013

Actor James Gandolfini Remains Back To New Jersey

James Gandolfini's body has arrived in New Jersey via private jet, TMZ has learned. If you missed the news about his death, check here.

The actor's body was flown in via Signature Airlines from Rome where James died earlier this week. The plane touched down at Newark airport around 9 PM ET on Sunday. 

“On behalf of the Gandolfini family, I would like to thank the Italian authorities for all the assistance they have rendered in expediting the formalities necessary to repatriate James Gandolfini’s remains to the United States,” said family spokesman Michael Kobold.

The 51-year-old died Wednesday of a heart attack. He was born and raised in Jersey.

On behalf of Dekoda Entertainment and all fans, God bless the Dead.

Actor James Gandolfini will be laid to rest Thursday.

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