Thursday, 30 May 2013

Seven (7) Things A Girl Wants But Will Never Ask For

1. Compliment her:
Women love receiving compliments! They do not want you to flatter them with baby talk or lengthy poetic messages. They just want to hear compliments like “You are beautiful/pretty” or “I love your eyes.”  Believe it or not, there are days when a girl does not feel
beautiful. If she is looking dull, compliment her and she will feel better. Treat her like a princess and she will reciprocate the affection.

2. ‘I Love you’ calls:

Women love getting I love you text messages and calls. Surprise your girlfriend by calling her and simply saying “I called you to just tell you how much I love you.” A quick tip: DO NOT forget to wish her good morning and good night unless you want to upset her. It will show her that you care.

3. Support her:  

Girls want a guy who will stick around and not just for the good times. When she feels low, comfort her and listen to her. Listening is key! When you stand by her, she will feel secure and confident. You know without a shadow of a doubt that she will do the same for you.

4. Give her space when she is with her friends:

Girls do not like to be bombarded with questions like - Where were you? Who all were there? What did you do? No doubt, girls like to receive calls from you. But, when they are out with their friends, your calls will embarrass her! A quick tip: Whatever you do, never offend or speak ill of her friends!

5. Introduce her to your friends and family:

Girls are always looking forward to taking the relationship to the next level and meeting your near and dear ones is a big part of that process. Invite your girl for a family dinner or a party with your friends.

6. Grand Gestures:

Be Romantic! The best way to win over a girl is by surprising her. No, girls do not want extravagant gifts! The simpler, more thoughtful gestures are what impress them more! How romantic would it be if you wrote her a thoughtful, heartfelt love letter or dedicated a song for her at the local radio station? Leave post it notes around the house and play a romantic treasure hunt game.

7. Be a Gentleman:

Be a gentleman to receive respect from your girl. Don’t use cuss words or ever think of directing them at her. Personal grooming is a must! We know men are very lazy but please make an effort to wear neat and clean clothes. When on a date, be courteous and open the car door for her and pull out her chair. Do not drink heavily or speak loudly unless you do not want to go on a second date


  1. For adult dat doesn't ave car.....@d number 7 point!!!!

  2. hopefully God will provide! then

    but i really, like the points out there. but i just have to focus in byilding up maself. dont say am harsh o girls will find me and look for me, but not to kill me!!! lol! dekoda kip on the good works