Friday, 31 May 2013

Bussa Rhymes Racks Up $70k Bill Over Studio Time

Busta Rhymes Studio sessions are causing him legal trouble. The rapper is being sued for skipping out on a studio bill of just over $70,000.
Paramount Recording Studio is accusing Busta of racking up 375 studio hours between December 2011 and February 2012, without dropping a single penny. According to the suit, the New York
native spent as many as 16 hours a day in the studio over a total of 35 sessions, most of which took place in the late night/early morning.
The company is seeking $70,300 in back pay.

Busta's creative process may have called for extra studio time because he was working on a new album. The dates in question correspond with the release of his Year of the Dragon project, which dropped last August.

The"Twerk It" MC has yet to officially respond to the outstanding debt but he's definitely not letting the legal barrier hinder his work ethic, tweeting #STUDIOGRINDB----! on 28th May.

By Latifah Muhammad

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