Thursday, 30 May 2013

Art Project Made From Vaseline.

These helmets and armour plates may look sturdy from a distance, but they're unlikely to keep you safe in battle - because they're made from Vaseline.

The gooey protective garments are all fashioned from the petroleum jelly-based product as part of a bizarre art project.

South Korean artist Jung-ki Beak got the idea after using Vaseline to protect his chapped skin
The 31-year-old, who studied in London and Glasgow, has fashioned a range of helmets and chest armour by moulding Vaseline over peoples' bodies.

Jung-ki explains: 'I am interested in the function of Vaseline because it has a very important meaning in my individual living habits.
'Every winter I need to apply Vaseline on my left-hand to prevent dryness, otherwise the skin becomes cracked because it is very thin and weak due to a burn that I got in my childhood.

'I make the armour as an art work as it is a symbol of protection, with Vaseline for the weak parts of the body such as head, hand and chest. I thought that armour was suitable for representing the meaning of Vaseline as a function of protection.' 

More photos below...

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